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A roof is the first line of defense against the outside elements. Any small exposure can mean damage down the road, which means preventive maintenance and roof inspection services are incredibly important. 

Pheonix Roof Consultants is proud to provide the Greater Vancouver, Lower Mainland, and surrounding areas with their extensive roof knowledge and expertise. 

Phoenix Roof Consultants is an independent consulting firm that is not affiliated with any roofing contractor, supplier or material manufacturer.

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  • Roof Evaluations
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  • Project Management

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Client Testimonials

Had a roof leak in our 7 month old home, and called Phoenix Roof Consultants to come inspect the roof and provide a report listing the deficiencies as well as how to rectify the issue. Ted was responsive to my emails, on time for the appointment, professional and very informative. The report was detailed and more than I expected in a report such as this. He took time to explain his findings and did this all in a very professional manner. We highly recommend Ted and also Phoenix Roof Consultants and will definitely use this company for every home we purchase from now on.


Top Notch! Ted and Matthew are both well versed in all aspects of roofing and have helped many of our clients, both residential and commercial, to understand what the deficiencies in their roofing systems are that need to be addressed, and provide a decisive path for them to move forward. Having a diagnosis and scope of work clearly defined before we enter the picture as a roofing contractor helps us to keep costs down for our clients – it’s a win-win.


We recently replaced the roofs of our residential strata complex, which consists of several low-rise buildings and a 22-storey tower. We hired Phoenix Roof Consultants to inspect the roofs, write the specification, manage the tendering process, help us evaluate bids, and supervise the installation. Ted Neef was professional, friendly, and accommodating throughout the entire process. He maintained excellent relationships with the roofing contractors, the Property Manager, our Building Manager, the residents, and neighbouring strata complexes.


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