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Roof Inspections

Phoenix Roof Consultants can provide inspections on both new construction and buildings undergoing a roof replacement. Phoenix Roof Consultants is capable of dealing with all buildings from single family dwellings to large commercial buildings. Ideally, these inspections would be made during the installation process, but they can be carried out after the installation has been completed. Inspections carried out during the installation of the roof system can allow for corrections to the installation process and will provide an opportunity to review certain components of the roof system before they are covered up. We are also fully capable of reviewing attics and providing instructions to correct many of the problems commonly found in attics. A report will be generated after each inspection and can include the following:

    • Ensure that the material being installed meets the site-specific specifications including all special requirements
    • Ensure that the material being installed meets the manufacturer’s installation instructions as well as RCABC requirements (where applicable)
    • The general area of the building or specific roof section where the work was performed
    • Weather conditions at the time of the inspection
    • Roofing contractor crew size
    • Contractors compliance with the site-specific specifications
    • Note any deficiencies discovered and provide direction to correct them if required
    • Note if any deficiencies from previous day’s work have been corrected
    • Any other information determined to be relevant by the consultant

Roof evaluations

It all starts with knowing the condition of the existing roof system. Phoenix Roof Consultants is able to review all types of roofs and to determine the current condition of the roof system and the lifespan remaining. Our consultants receive continuing education in roof technology and have actual experience as installers. Notes and photographs will be compiled in a comprehensive report giving the owner a better understanding of the roof system installed. The report will tell you the current condition of the roof, how long it will last and what could be done to extend its service life. The report will also suggest what roof system the current membrane should be replaced with, if need be. We are also able to provide budget estimates for repairs and a full roof system replacement if required.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is critical to preventing problems and keeping the building watertight. Early identification and repair of the problems will help to ensure that the roof system will last as long as intended. Phoenix Roof Consultants can produce comprehensive reports with site specific roof plans which will note the locations of each deficiency discovered. The report generated can then be given to roofing contractors, allowing them to provide a realistic bid on the work required. The maintenance report can include the following:

    • Condition of the substrate- soft spots, rot, poor framing, etc.
    • Condition of the roof membrane- buckling, blisters, granule loss, etc.
    • Drainage characteristics of the roof deck.
    • Condition of the roof flashings.
    • Condition of all roof penetrations.
    • Condition of all roof related sealants.
    • Modifications to the roof system.
    • Note areas where organic debris accumulates.

Project Management

Taking the lead from the strata council and property manager, Phoenix Roof Consultants can manage the roof replacement project and handle many of the problems that may arise as a result of the roof replacement project. Phoenix Roof Consultants will deal with the owners directly, while keeping council and property manager informed. Services in the Project Management Program can include:

      • Create and distribute to the owners a notice of project startup which will contain necessary precautions that should be taken as well as what to expect during the roof replacement project
      • Manages project budget
      • Determine loading points and bin locations, providing notice to the owners when required
      • Conduct a pre-start up meeting with all parties to determine staging areas, sequence of work, scaffold set up, crew parking and other site-specific items
      • Discuss with roofing contractor in the morning what activities are planned for the day
      • Attend the site daily when crew is on site. Opportunities to discuss site cleanliness, hoarding, protection of personal property will be taken. Owners concerns that may have arisen will be discussed with the crew on site
      • Review of the work underway. No written report will be generated
      • Act as a liaison between the roofing contractor and owners and will negotiate a resolution to any issues that may arise between all parties
      • Communicate with the roofing committee and property manager weekly to provide a progress update

Leak Investigation

From single family residences to large commercial projects, Phoenix Roof Consultants are well equipped to pinpoint leaks in your building. We have experience in all forms of roofing, which we will put to use in determining the area of water ingress and to provide guidance in solving the problem. We offer:

    • Non-destructive investigations including thermal imagery and moisture detection
    • Destructive testing carried out alongside a roofing contractor
    • A full inspection of the roof area above the leak.
    • Generate a report including pictures, of the area that is suspected of leaking as well as the steps required to correct the issue.


Roof performance is based on good design, quality materials and proper installation of all roofing components. Proper site specific specifications along with a mandatory tender meeting will ensure that the owners will be able to have an “apples to apples” comparison when reviewing pricing. Phoenix Roof Consultants is well equipped to produce site specific specifications. These specifications will contain:

      • Roof system warranty requirements and company guarantees
      • Roof demolition guidelines
      • Roof deck preparation guidelines
      • Carpentry requirements
      • Roof insulation requirements
      • Approved roof membrane(s) and installation instructions
      • Roof vents and other roof penetration requirements and installation instructions where applicable
      • Sheet metal flashing requirements
      • Adhesive types and installation instructions (if required)
      • Fastener types and installation guidelines
      • Approved sealants and application instructions
      • A detailed list with photographs regarding special requirements for the property

After the specifications have been approved, we will carry out the following steps to bring the project closer to completion:

      • Formulate a list of qualified bidders
      • Attend 1 design meeting with the roofing committee
      • Conduct a tender meeting on site to discuss the specifications and to answer questions the bidding contractors might have to ensure that all contractors fully understand the scope of work so that competitive bids may be gathered
      • Issue an addendum if necessary, to provide clarity to the specifications
      • Attend a tender review meeting with the roofing committee. Contractors bids will be compared including any alternate pricing to assist the roofing committee with selecting the most competitive contractor

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