When you Should Hire a Roof Consultant

Avoid the leak in the roof

The right roof consultant is a valuable partner in the proper design, construction, maintenance, repair, and replacement of roofs. While hiring a roof consultant involves a cost, skipping this critical step can cost far more later

During the design phase, your roof consultant can prepare plans and construction documents, and help you avoid costly mistakes. They may also identify areas where you can save money without compromising the roof’s integrity.

During construction, your roof consultant can conduct periodic inspections to ensure that workers are installing roof components correctly and with the agreed-upon materials.

When renovating any part of your structure. You may be surprised at how even a relatively simple change, such as removing a bathroom, can affect the roof. In one case we’re aware of, a removed vent pipe penetration was not properly sealed and led to the entire roof becoming compromised by moisture intrusion. What should have been an inexpensive repair became a costly reroof. Have a roof consultant review any renovation plans and help ensure that any changes to your building don’t impact the roof’s integrity.

When reroofing. Roofs eventually reach the end of their useful life, and when they do you will have a lot of decisions to make. A roof consultant can inspect your current roof structure, help determine what parts require replacement, and design a reroof project that will be cost-effective and also enjoy a long effective life. 

When a problem arises, whether during construction, renovation, or building operation, a roof consultant can help you track down the source of problems quickly and efficiently, and design a solution that is as cost-effective and practical as possible.

The professional certified inspectors at Phoenix Roof Consultants are ready to help you with a combined almost 50 years roofing experience you’ll be in great hands.

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